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Strong Leader


Balanced Team?


by J.J.

It’s a question you’d be privileged to have the choice to choose from. A strong leader or a balanced team? Ultimately, it depends on what the function of your team is. Is there a single goal in mind? Are you looking to expand and grow these individuals? Are you looking for these individuals to expand and grow your company? In my experience, it is much more beneficial to everyone to have a strong leader in any situation. It’s comparable to having book smarts or street smarts…book smarts will help you in school, street smarts will help you in life.

A strong leader can attract more promising candidates to a team and can be a main reason people choose to stay with that team. Many times there are situations with room for only one person to handle a critical task and with a strong leader, there is no deciding or debates, he or she IS that person. These situations can be deciding factors in the future of that team and your company, so having confidence in your candidate is crucial.

A balanced team is not without it’s benefits. When you have a team of eager individuals, equally skilled at their specialties, assignments are easily distributed and completed as long as there is little coaction needed. This can be beneficial in a less creative atmosphere where there is little room for experimenting with ideas and processes.

As a dutiful gesture to your company, team members, and our planet as a whole, you want these people on your team to excel in more than just the tasks that encompass their daily work routine. You want them to think smarter in several avenues of life. You want them to be more creative with their time and resources. You want them to make a list of tasks, complete the list, then make another list. Then you want them to bring back all of these skills and good habits to your workplace and apply them to everything they touch.

These are things a strong leader will teach and exemplify. In the absolute ideal situation, you have an entire team of strong leaders who can work well together and learn good habits from each other. Unfortunately, to start out with a team like this is a unicorn situation. This situation can be created however! A strong leader can build other strong leaders from great students of life and inspired persons willing to change and experiment with what they believe to already know.

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